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Home Forums General Discussion Nickel Iron vs. Lead Acid — Off-Grid Battery Showdown Re: Nickel Iron vs. Lead Acid — Off-Grid Battery Showdown


The old conventional thinking has been superceded. Instead of max 50% discharge and 3 days for no sun, lead acid system—it should be max 25% discharge and 4 days without sun. I found out the hard way that my insulated shed heated through uninsulated stud space on its attachment wall, would only last 2 days in sub zero weather. The inverters auto shut offed at 50% at 5 AM. I had stored the generator in an uninsulated matching attached shed–it wouldn’t start when it was that cold. So now I charge more often with it and store it in the garage which is semi-heated.

Now, it is the NiFe that are the best to design a system with, or to convert to, if you have the room. Certainly less maintenance and much longer life. I’m not sure of their cold weather performance, but it couldn’t be worse than lead acid.

I also would have insulated the entire inside of the inverter area with thick aluminum foil, that was never mentioned before. The RF/EMI will buzz phones and slow computers within 10 feet or so. Even the pure sine wave ones let it off and buzz some guitar amplifiers. I have had to aluminum foil all my inverter areas and put lock on filters on cords leading from them. It even escapes through cracks and holes.

People talk of tiny houses, but a good solar electric system needs a tiny house itself!!