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On your point of a studio Redmunk, I do some music writing/recording and production and rent a little room in an art gallery not too far from where I live. I was lucky to get it at a cheap rent but it gives me 24 hr access to electricity and is a quiet and nice dry, secure place to store my guitars, computers, keyboards, mics etc. My plan for the future is to convert a brick shed on the land I am on with enough solar panels, batteries, wind turbines.. whatever it takes to run a studio off-grid for as little cost as possible. Crucially though my plan is to keep this a seperate entity to my own private accomodation solar power supply so I can keep a balance of them both and not run short of power for one as I got carried away doing another for example. Just a suggestion in case there are any similar out buildings on the land you’re on that you could rent or rennovate