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Leaving Society

Thanks for all of the replies so far. I definitely think the idea is unrealistic. Taxes are probably the biggest hurdle, actually. I don’t think permanently living on a nicely sized tropical island after paying off all of your debts is something feasible.

I guess there are more realistic options, like wwoofing temporarily or buying a $60,000.00 island and then working nearby or waiting until retirement. I’m still thinking about those, too. I would definitely like to buy something affordable and practice off-grid living there, but I’d still need a stable supply of income from somewhere, so I’d have to do it where decent jobs were nearby, and that seems to be the hardest part.

I do find it sad, though, that with seven billion of us, a small handful of semi-affluent retired people couldn’t just come together, build a community, and invite whomever to join them. It really is too bad.

I should also say that I wouldn’t go too far out of my way to idealize an island lifestyle, and would probably welcome even the harder challenges as being fulfilling. I think I go through a lot of pretty nasty things already, so having to deal with something difficult that actually has rewards at the end definitely sounds like a better path to me.

dunewalker, thanks for the link. I’ll check that out.