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Take a look at my friends house He built a dome that cost $1000 for the dome materials. $2000 for the wood platform (a deck) that it sits on. And a $1000 for tools. roughly. Its 350ft2 roughly. 19′ dia. 15 foot skylight. Its very comfortable.

He put a $100 a/c unit in the wall. He added a $175 small pot belly wood stove and flue for winter heat. He also uses electric radiator type heater $35. And restaurant food heating lamp sits just above his computer chair, where he sits most of the time. His lighting is sky lighting and LED mostly. He uses electric for water heating with a 120v hot water pot. He heats his bathing water with this.

Currently he has no septic, toilet or bath. He buries his compost as he goes I think in cat holes behind the house in the woods. I’ve been trying to talk him into building a structure next to this which a homemade composting toilet setup. Too much expense for now though.

Any humanure composted over a year should be fine for even putting on a veggie garden, though I’d still be reluctant myself.