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If you find some land, I can tell you how to do it. I started with a 20′ camper and hauled 2 deep cycle batteries in my van to charge them as I drove around to have a couple lights and some tunes. I now have a 960 sq.ft. shack in the woods operating on 512 watts of solar with no well or septic. My venture started in 1989..

Figure on building something from the start with enough roof area to collect water from. I collect enough to support 2 adults with showers daily and general cleaning. (No need for a well) I use a urine diverting toilet system that I built myself. I let the liquid go out with the gray water and compost the solids. Makes great soil! (No need for a septic) I grow all kinds of veggies in my compost and I’m still alive.. LOL

Just like Skeeter said.. “Keep it simple, stupid”. Work on necessities first and worry about luxury later..