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Well some who have gone cold turkey say they wished they had not and had weaned themselves off the grid over time. I’m not off grid yet myself. I have camper but I am bumbing electricity from a friend right now lol.

You will find much useful info by searching this forum. Allow me to recommend my blog as I have some interesting articles on this topic. My articles are more or less interesting depending on your angle. I target the less rich way to go. If you have money of course its much easier to be offgrid and get most of what you would have on grid quickly. It’s an investment any way you look at it however. Weather you do it slowly over time or up front then move in.

Its a matter of investing in stocks and bonds and the US Dollar or in self-sufficiency. You can be the judge of which one will pay off better. Personally I believe that any measure of independence anyone may gain is wise step in the right direction.