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Welcome, there are lots of friendly folk here who would be more than happy to give advice and answer questions… could you elaborate a bit more on your setup, the location of your property (general, not an exact address…), what is on your property? Water, woods, mountains, desert, wet…? Are there any structures, neighbors, utilities of any sort? Can you hunt there? Are you just starting out (young) or experienced with life, the comment you made about wishing you had started sooner makes me think you aren’t just starting out in life… hopefully you are a handy person as well as your fiancee, being able to do things for yourself will go a long way toward making your dream come true. There are many of us living on a shoestring but still living quite nicely, trying not to get too nosy about your shoestring (lol), the more you can elaborate, the more we might be able to help. :)