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you are spoton Elnav that is possibly why your community is not

adapting well to the changes that has befell it even though it has

a lot of good things already going for it.

and that could be a good reason to form a new community of people who are already dedicated to a new type of lifestyle.

I think most people who visit this site share many common beliefs

even if they are based on enviromental or political or financial or spiritual

reasons I think it is fair to say most people here believe its a good idea

to NOT depend on other people or governments for their energy,water,food and shelter.and many here just feel a sense of acomplishment providing for

their own needs kind of like the stone age hunter returning with meat for the

tribe. not to mention the lack of stress not having to worry about affording

paying the electric bill this month lol.

so i think its reasonable if villagers lol could be found through this site

we would all share a common goal even if we are totally different peoples