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The other thing i think we would need is industry every succesfull

pioneer comunity was founded on some form of industry ie cattle ranching,

gold mining,sawmilling,transport or a combination of many things.

the successfull village that i said i loved living in had a pottery that attracted tourists before it was a pottery it was a pub and before that a whorehouse i am told it adapted to the changing also has a general store and postoffice which was the railway siding before. it has a vw repair

shop several ranchers and smallcropers also bannana plantations and a beekeeper

and it used to have a electronics repair guy, a ham radio guy who was also a chiropractor, a acupunturist and a stationary printer also used to have some sawmilling.

at one time i was the electronics repair guy but before me there was another old guy who i purchased my first oscillascope from (still ran on valves lol)

and after me there was another guy who started doing the electronic repair

who i started to teach before i left but i dont think he listened very well lol

lol The point to all this reminising is that there has to be something

to bring IN the outside wealth because sure as anything there is going to

be wealth leaving the village I like my coffee and I know it will not grow in NE Nevada so its something that will have to be purchased (wealth leaving the village)

the trick is to have the wealth entering the village be more than whats leaving it this is where being mostly self sufficient will help.

there are many cottage crafts that would be suitable to bring in wealth

even in todays age of competing with China but it would

need both a Trader as i previously described and it would need self sufficiency

in most other aspects of our life.

right now oil and energy is still very cheap that is why we can afford to

ship raw materials to China and have them manufacture finished goods and

ship them back for less than we can make them here.

Its hard to compete with cheap energy whch allows the movement over such large

distances often i hear it blamed on cheap chinese labor but its not just that

in this day of robots and production lines. Personally i dont blame the chinese for selling us poorly produced crap its our fault for buying it and buying it and buying it again lol.

but ultimately cheap energy is what shut down the local general store or

gas station because its now cheaper to drive 20 or 50 miles to a wallmart or 76 gas station than buy locally.

This would have to change not just by wishfull thinking or good vibes it would take industrious people who just like what they do and feel a sense of community spirit and acomplishment when there products/wares are purchased and appreciated.

I believe in permaculture concepts of energy descent the communities

that start or adapt to energy descent will thrive others will continue

in decline.

Elnav in a previous post you described your town as shutting down because the sawmill closed this is not uncommon sawmill,mining,agriculture,fishing,

etc etc it all changes and our comunities must adapt. On the upswing small industries shut down because they could not compete with the big guys and now the big guys are beginning to shut down or consolidate and soon it will be the little guy leading the way again if the little guy could be encouraged and supported

encouraged by purchasing his product and supported by say the trader selling his wares then the village/town with some good little guys would thrive.

got to log off but before i do it was cheap energy/shipping that shut down the little guys in favor of things like modern day wallmart if the cost of energy

was to increase or if through largely local trade we could negate the cost of shipping then the little guy,cottage craft and small communities would again

begin to thrive

I would love to show them how its done lol