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As far as what i can provide ill be running bees,rabbits,worms,chickens,fish and maybee some goats when i can get some decent fences still young

enough to help out with straight physical work and have a good amount of building expierience I can also set up of grid power systems solar,wind,methane etc and i will be getting my forge running again

and hope to pick up some forge piece work or perhaps do a kind

of traveling tinker thing to earn some cash income.

I also have a small tractor and some other light farm equipment

which would come in handy im sure.

I also do a lot of traveling with work now and have trailers where i can pick

up and transport a lot of things if needed

My idea for the other person i thought of as key to a succesfull village

community would be the trader somebody who is a good networker good at finding

things maybee likes doing the craigslist thing or doing the farmers market/flea market on the weekends.