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Chowan you asked about methane digesters freezing up here. Your idea of some kind of solar heat collector is good. Up here where the cloudy periods may run a week or more I was thinking of taping off some of the bio gas product to run a small burner to heat up water then circulate the water into or under the tank. Won’t take much in the way of a thermometer to be sure the bactereia doesn’t cook and die off.

I would be inclined to place the digester in an insulated shed or small straw bale shed for heat retention during winter. Dropping tank temp from 95F to 70F would almost kill gas production.

John Fry’s book is probably the best reference book. Rutan’s writings are also good but he focussed on temperate climate zones.

Not that he is wrong he simply focusssed on the average DIY backyard producer.. Fry is a bit more production oriented with more data suited for industrial sized operations.

Looks like you have covered the other bases pretty well. Too bad we are separated by so many Kilometers and miles not to mention a border.

Going to Alaska is easier for me than going to Nevada.