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Methane is my first choice as well. If you go back a year or so you will find my posts stating exactly that. Unfortunately no one from the forums at the time seemed to think methane was a good idea. In order to be more diversified I began to look for other viable alternatives. I found plenty. I have been invited to move to a distant community where the people want me to help them set up a methane digester for a single family dwelling. We will be moving ass soon as finances permit. The hope is that when other families see how the pilot project works, more will follow. As a start they have begun raising chickens.

We have also identified possible sources of manure from pigs and cattle. I have begun designing tanks from salvaged material that by law must be retired from service due to safety laws, not because the equipment is actually unusable. We live in a society so hide bound by a nanny state mentality and defined by so many safety laws, we tend to scrap lots of useable equipment because the rules say it must be replaced by calendar date not necessarily because it has deterioated beyond use. Example: the propane tanks used on a BBQ. If the date stamp has expired you must scrap it even if it looks in pristine condition with no visible rust etc.

I alo posted a piece on free baterries that were replaced by safety rules not because the batteries were really junk.