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Can’t argue with anything you wrote. One BIG problem now is the sheer number of people who are broke…it’s getting scary to me as I’ve never seen so many people I know or come in contact with that now are busted financially….on food stamps…losing their homes…losing their jobs…finding people with wherewithall is getting very difficult. Those capable of investing. Those who have some income. I don’t believe the majority of people are awake and aware, even as we have millions of homes either in foreclosure or about to go into foreclosure….45 million on food stamps. So how do you find people of means who want to drop out of the system?? To opt out and maybe catch on to a vision like yours?? Any sites you are using to market your idea and your community?? The only good site I’ve found is …. otherwise not finding much traction. Where can I look to see an update on your property and efforts in Nevada?? Saw the older You Tube videos you made. Have alot of respect for what you’re doing…but looks like a hard row to hoe. Being so far out is going to resonate with even fewer people…but maybe that’s a good thing.