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you are correct thats why i belive a comunity of people who own

there own piece of land and therefore have a personal stake in doing

something is a better idea than a commune.

I have seen many communes fail and it always seems that there is a couple of active members supporting a lot of inactive members eventually the active ones throw in the towel or just withdraw their support and it all falls apart

after that.

i have also never liked the sole owner who brings others in to work

and develop his property as a commune but the members never get to own anything.

that may be ok for a temporary arangement like with the wwoofa programe

or other similar learning/teaching programs but i dont feel its otherwise

a fair arangement.

that brings me to the kind of person/persons that i would like to have as a neighbor.apart from the usual good,honest hardworking etc

id like to find someone who wants to work there own piece of property

and somebody who has the resources to do that

somebody motivated.