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well so far i would say resources are. excelent wind and solar power prospects

ive actually got a home brew windmill that can make electricity or drive

mechanical tools directly (have not reset it up yet)

seems like good topsoil. subsoil has a high clay content down about 3 feet

you get into a sand/gravel mix which is working good for concrete after i winnow out some of the clay from it.lots of fossils in the area but you are not permited to make money from finding and selling those.

have not seen any poisonous snakes or scorpions just a couple of non

poisonous ones. lots of little critters though mice,chipmunks i think and rabbits.actually also plenty of large game this area is known for its fine hunting.

flora consists of sagebrush many wild plants and flowers i cant identify

cactus,juniper, looks like a couple of varieties of pine i dont think

there is enough larger trees to warrant a sawmill that exported but i have noticed the local ranchers have been cutting posts to use for there fences.

i dont know what the permits you would need to do that from the BLM land or whether its just from your own property but natural resources say it is possible.

all my small animals seem to be doing well rabbits,bees and chickens

rabbits like eating many of the plants that grow wild like sagebrush

and there are plenty of flowers for the bees.

chickens seem to do well anywhere if you can keep away all the other critters that want to eat them lol.

I think it will come down to what does somebody want to do? there is likely a good local solution a way to cut down or eliminate long distance shipping

for example the sheep and wool idea gives rise to ideas for felt hats or even

traditional yurts i believe rabbit skins were also used in australia to produce felt.and a good wide brimmed felt hat is imensly superior to those straw hats that i just wasted 10 dollars on recently and didnt last me a month.