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water is the key to this area from what i know aquifer water level is 200 to 300 feet which is totally doable there are a couple of wells in the area used by the ranchers.personally i am going catchment and storage rather than well.

rainfall in the area this year at least seemed plenty for all my needs and a small garden area I just wish i had my gutters and tank finished in time to catch this years precipitation.Also there is one small natural spring at about 10 miles on the way to town and i am pretty sure another at about 7 miles but i have not checked that one out yet.

If i can help it i dont want to have to go well because at 200 to 300 feet it puts a major burden on alternate energy sources for pumping it can sure be done

but if precipitation is enough id rather be using rainwater anyway.

Alright I admit it I would love to live in a village with a tavern,old english pub/inn or mead hall as the community know the sort A fat jolly barkeep, cobb walls, candle or lamp light, fire in the corner,microbrew on site,thick wooden furniture,simple accomadations upstairs,cute barmaid,

good solid food even if it lacks variety.I knew of a place like that once

out in the middle of nowhere and very popular with the locals and tourists

but eventually the law of the land shut them down due to many different rules and regulations.It used to be that places like that were where we went to

network instead of on the computer pick up some work, sell something, meet friends, get a cheap but good meal,rent a simple bed if we were passing through.

last time i went out to a pub all i had was extreme amounts of noise to the point where i could not even think let alone talk,crappy food (pretzles and potato chips)and crappy beer brewed by some huge brewing company that wants

me to think because they have cute babes and fast nascars in their advertising

that their beer somehow tasts acceptable.

end of rant lol