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what you say is true about not needing to rely on interstate transport

but and im only throwing this out there as an example there are many

ways to get your wax for candles bees could provide most if it was

currently worth scraping and rendering etc also animal fats like lard and tallow make excelent beeswax extenders and there is a tree that grows here

called juniper which has berries which are both edible (not the tastiest lol)

but can be boiled to produce a good quality and valuable aromatic wax.

lot of labor involved in the collection but its a possible

the ground here has plenty of clay in it im not up on the different clays

but i know its one of the things that gets mined near here

This seems like it would be good sheep country and there are naturally available dies if need be but dies would be something simple and

inexpensive to ship also.

cochineal im not sure if the bug is here but the opuntia cactus is

and if peru can export it i dont see why it cant be produced here

at least in small quantities

im sure somebody who was into spinning and weaving probably knows many other

natural dies as well.

local markets would be important not just the internet besides im sick of both

paypal and ebay gauging me every time i sell something on ebay.

i didnt mind them making some money for the service they provided but they got greedy.

at the local markets you would end up with out of state traders or people

that had stock from locations other than local even if it was packed in

on donkeys lol supply and demand has worked since history has been recorded

it makes sense that it can keep working.

the trick i think is just to produce something that has value from like you

said mostly local sources to cut down on shipping costs and the middle man as much as possible.the other part of the trick would be simply to not need

a lot from non local sources.