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The challenge will be sourcing the raw matereials. Brie posted a list of off grid work suggestions.

Every single one depends on communicattions and interstatee traansportion.

How do you knit with wool unless you run a flock of sheep. How do you dye the wool even if you have it. Dyes are not always a local product. How do you make interstate sales if the internet is broken and you can’t advertise.

If people fall off the internet connection you have few options of reaching them.

Free lance writer. Oh Yeah! I have been a professional writer for 30 odd years. Even had my own regular columns or series of articles. Even with a fully functioning internet it’s hard to get noticed these days. I’m not complaining, simply stating a reality fact.

Livestock food sales or eggs etc will only go so far. Yes it helps sustain a local group but its so easy to lose a flock or herd. We came home on day to discover a mink had killed 20% of our chicken flock one morning while we were at farmer’s market. Friends have lost several animals to predation by wild life or ocasionally disease.

FedEx and Parcel post no longer deliver here because its too remote. We have to arrange a drop some 50 miles away at a convenient address. What will happen as fuel cost soar and trucking takes a big hit. A friend who delivers offshore yachts reported the shipping laanes going to Seattle was virtually empty last month when he travelled through there. Maritime traffic news says

Asian originated shipping is already way down compared to last year. Big name shipping companies like Maersk is moth balling many of their older ships.

In order for communities to survive must be self sufficient in food sources and raw material resources. No point in countting on making caandlles if you can’t get candle wax. Beehives will only yield so much wax. The list is endless. Magazines like low tech or No tech carry useful articles but do not rely on digital storage because there may come a time when even a small amount of electtrical power becommes unobtanium. Such communitiies will need hard copy versions of vital data on how it used to be done in a pre-electric world. vital ra material should be collected and sttockpiled now; just in case