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yep thats why a comunity who are already working toward self sustainability

for whatever reason would fare much better.than a community which relies heavily on imports and cheap energy for trucking.

most likely during energy descent we would all start to scrounge and canibalise

our machinery and infrastructure to make do as things change.In fact i think recycleing will be a growth industry.

I dont think trade will ever completely cease but it will likely become more

sensible lol those strawberries flown in from ecuador may have to stop.

I do agree a community will have to look closer to home to fullfill its needs

most of your examples i would have a solution for but it would be better if

that solution was adopted deliberately and early rather than forced in an emergency as a simple matter of survival.

as an example somebody who was making moccasins or sheepskin boots as part

of a cottage craft industry would likely be the best person to start repairing or making new boots.

or somebody doing pottery as a cottage craft could also likely build pipes for water movement or pots for water storage.

Thats why a community with a lot of small industry is the way to go

and here also is the problem many people myself included have a

fantasy of setting up a little cottage craft business and making enough

money to live on like a candlemaker as an example

candles are important i think everybody should have them but in most cases

the new candlemaker is going to run up against shipping and marketing

costs and competition with large manufacturing and importing companies.

and that candlemaker will be lucky to break even let alone make enough income

to pay his living expenses in a (cant think of the word i want so ill just say modern)way of life.

but what if that candle maker was living off grid almost self sustained

with few other expenses what if his neighbors supported him by purchasiing

and bartering for his candles rather than chinese imports and what if as a

comunity they shared in the expenses and effort of marketing and shipping

so that the candlemaker could bring in some extra cash income?

and the candlemaker would of course be supporting the other small industries in the area.

does anyone else agree this could work??