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Chowan you completely misunderstood my refereence to a political barrier.

I was referring to that fence down at the 49 parallel. No way no how will they let me cross there to set up shop down your way.

The brass hats in Washington actually kicked me off a military project when they discovered a Canadian engineer was working on a military contract job that gave me access to all their coast guard bases. I actually had to find a US citizen replacement and train him up to take my place. For years afterwards all my mail from any US sources was opened. I must really hve pissed somebody off. A friend in Baltimore shipped me a computer loaded with Linuz. Customs agents must have sabotaged it and burned out the BIOS chip effecttively lobotomizing it. I had to install a new mother board. At one time I had a corporate travelling job where I visited all the major cities all round the continent. Now I get cross examined like I was a criminal Paranoid bunch of . . . . <smile>