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wow a political barrier? how do you even know my political beliefs?

i generally keep them to myself unless asked I know I am not the best

person for expressing things in writing and often this leads to

misconceptions about me.

but just so everyone knows im a libertarian, a constitutanalist GO RonPaul 2012 lol

would you not like to have me in your community simply because of a political belief? Im smart, hardworking, honest and a share your interest in living off grid would that not make me a good member of your comunity even if your a democrat and i think Al Gore is a crook and Nancy Pelosi makes my ears ring in pain whenever she speaks.

i dont think different politics,religon etc rules out a person as a valuable

member of a community (It takes all sorts)thats another saying i like.

finances are another matter of course ive spent all i could afford getting

gear here and getting set up I could not pull up stakes and move across the country again and im sure others have the same consideration.

this is a very inexpensive area to buy and own no doubt but it has limited

employment oportunites and that is going to be hard for many people

unless we make our own employment.