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I do know the people will take in anyone anytime. Just show up at their communities across the USA and canada. Now they are a group who follow yahshua / jesus and so they gather twice daily to sing praise to him. They have many farms etc etc all over the USA. You do not have to join them and they are a safe people. if you can find one of their buses you could even travel with them. The rest of the world and people are pretty tough. Yes there are some good people but its not like when i started out back in the late 60’s The appalachian trail and the other trails should be traversed with other people and not alone. Hitchiking is usually ok in PNW and way up north along the USA. I did it in 2004. I would never do it along the south. If you can look up a mark creekwater who walks the USA you can join him in his travels. He is involved though with occupy. He is a friend of mine and has stopped here. I live in central Pa and your welcome to connect with me thru here. I live in amish mennonite country where its pretty safe and clean and not wild. Good luck and be well. click my name and see my site.