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That’s the travel plan, our first purchase will be a heavy duty diesel truck for moving. Crazedape is a dirt cheap auction site with a variety of travel trailers on it I been watching. We decided to go with a trailer over a Bus or RV since a Truck will be a necessity for the build anyways.

We should be off on our road trip to make sure we like NM in about 3 weeks.

We will also be checking out AZ, Utah and SE Oregon as well now.

New Mexico lost a lot of points in the last few days. The crime rate is high, the income is low which may or may not be a issue. Our goals include minimizing traditional employment working for ourselves and our homestead as much as possible.

If it wasn’t for the creepy “stop and ID stuff” going on in AZ it would probably be the leading candidate, The topography on available land also seems a little nicer.

It’s really hard to get out the mindset of not having your neighbors 30 feet away and trying to remember population isn’t nearly as much of a issue (Mercifully).

Utah’s a shorter move and close to some relatives in Nevada.

The taxes are high-ish and the job market is poor but the crime rate is extremely low and I’ve always found Mormons to be very kind neighbors to have.

Oregon – We’re native to the North West and were eager to get away due to the Gray weather and the codes aren’t friendly, except in the SE tip of Oregon where it starts to heat up.

The fact it’s such a short move to a warmer climates puts it in contention.