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Read these as primer’s for your project. I have many other articles on my blog as well you may enjoy. Yes New Mexico was the first to accept the Earth Ship in its codes. Colorado after that I think. I believe there are many types of construction that can be worked together in combination with earthen construction. Many of the different types of earthen methods can be worked together in the same structure. For example you could have the earth ship section with an earth bag dome on each end. Cob can be worked in for walls, stairs etc. Adobe can be utilized somehow as well.

Then you can add some rock, concrete, cinder block and even timber frame here and there if needed. Log and Chord wood might work for one or more walls. I’d mix and match it myself for maximum effect. If you do this too you may be able to make better use of your available resources.

You are doing the right thing by being in the south west for this style of home. By the way I recommend books that I have read on my blog. Keep us posted, maybe you can sign up for a blog and keep us up to date on your project with blog post. Its free. Get you a good digital camera such as a Kodak and give it a go. Its really easy to just put up some comments and photos and dialog style writing. The most difficult thing would be in choosing your graphical and layout theme.