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Don’t forget that this isn’t something you do to “be green” or save money right now unless you really are using minimal amounts of electricity.

Solar PV is extremely inefficient (<15%) and the storage batteries (and regular maintenance with all their rare metals, lead, acid etc) will eat up more carbon than you will ever save at that size.

The CAT (Wales) put a showpiece £75,000 solar roof in.

10 years later, it’s falling to bits, and notwithstanding the maximum rated life of a panel at 25 years, it will take £75 years to pay for itself.

Just bear all that in mind – and this:

“Paint-on solar panels could boost current energy efficiency by 50 percent while making new solar panel installations virtually invisible by painting organic dyes onto windows.

By absorbing light and transporting energy to panel edges, developers of the paint-on solar panels said they could lower cost by only requiring active solar cells around a panel edges”

One THEY become available (4 years or so), that will change everything.

I’d wait and do your hot water first – 90% efficiency, cheaper, SAVES carbon etc.