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My advice is not to take on the whole thing at once if financing is a concern. You don’t have to . The idea is to gather power and store it in your batteries, turn that power from dc to ac with an inverter. Figure up your wattage use…..Do you conserve? I started a small system with an inverter I got on ebay that was used for a car stereo…. ya know the kind of system heard for blocks and blocks…

Get what panels you can afford. Start small, in a few months, hopefully, new technology and great pricing will make them more affordable.

I’d had, at one time, bookmarked my research with grids and graphs and such, but I’ve lost it. You need a diagram for wiring together your storage batteries. Golf cart batteries can work. Bad batteries , no matter what the kind are just a pain. I got really great batteries from an electric company. They were used and I trusted my salesperson and they are the best. 2 volt blast cells…1280 watts worth. I felt like I was driving armament home in the back of my dodge!

So, I hope some of this helps.


Mary Ann