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Home Forums General Discussion mini split a/c (inverter type or regular compressor?) Re: mini split a/c (inverter type or regular compressor?)


Jason I would try and determine which type of conpressor is found in each design. The sales people will not likely know so go to the repair facility if you cand find who it is and ask their tech what kind is used. Danfoss brand has a reputation for being the most efficient type of compressor. When I was messing around with driving air conditioners using inverters I discovered I could more easily start a unit by sequencing the compressor and the evaporator fan with a short delay between the two. When the manufacturer heard about this they decided to incorporate this in their own controllers. while specifying AC for yachts I also learned scroll compressors are more efficient and has lower start surge than piston compressors. However I do not know if such compressors are available for under two to units.

the inverter type design is intended mainly for applications wher the power supply is likely to fluctuate greatly. Since you are already providing power from an inverter ther is little to be gained. Other issues are more significant in terms of power saving. The internal inverter will likely introduce additional losses which may or may not be cancelled by inproved compressor technology.