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I have built 2 digesters so far and i am sold they are by far a better investment than solar panels or wind IF you have the feedstock and IF

you are prepared to do the extra maintainance required.

I also believe they are suitable anywhere including urban areas

urban areas have a large amount of digestable material in the form of grass clippings,human poo and doggie poo just to name a few add in a few city rabbits or chickens and you are good to go.

also with very small amounts of investment we could be feeding back into a

“naturall gas grid” like we now do with solar.

I have run engines off the stuff and they run great and run cleaner than


add to this we are cleaning up wast products and saving expensive dumping

and sewrage charges and its a win win.

I honestly believe they have ignored methane and natural gas investment in

favor of more high tech examples like hydrogen because your average back yard

mechanic could be fueling his house and cars with home brew methane and paying

no fuel costs,fuel taxes or wast dumping costs.