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I’m sorry. This thread kinda fell through the tracks. (I dropped a stitch.)

Revinger – At that time (1975) GPS satellites were strictly government access (until 1983). God, you make me want another “Geritol cocktail”. Where did I put that walker…? :-) Maybe we had to try a drift or two, I cant remember. But with a known point, or benchmark (mile maker xx) and a compass you should be able to get very close. And with a landmark orientation, you should be “on it”. Nowadays, it’s popular to play in GPS treasure hunts. In the 70’s and 80’s there was “compass reading” treasure hunts. :-}

LizzyQ – You live in a beautiful area (my old fishing grounds). When I talk to people in UT that have never been in the Pacific Northwest and they ask me what it’s like, I tell them it’s similar to Logan without as much snow. If I was in UT, it would probably be around Logan. I _love_ Cache Valley Swiss cheese! BTW My uncle is a geology prof. at the university in Logan.