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Yes – I do have a civic number. We built a new house on a vacant lot, and simply went through the normal motions of building a home. This included building permit, development fees etc. We also did our usual electrical rough in and Electrical Safety Authority (in Ontario) permitting.

We didn’t tell the City we were “off grid”, since they are not issuing a permit for electrical hookup. We also did not tell our local utility, since it has nothing to do with electrical either, since we are not connecting to the grid. We did have to tell the ESA, since they are a permitting issuing authority on all electrical things. Foundation, etc., is irrelevant – it is a structural issue, and has no bearing on electrical (e.g., don’t confuse the issues).

I am not sure of the difference between rules in quebec or ontario. If you want to give me your email address, I can email you directly…