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We moved to an area in NW BC where a large proportion of the population lives off grid and has been doing so for decades. For them life goes on normally. They hold jobs (or not) join in community events and as one man told me it is not a topic worth talking about. Most people have a vegetable garden, grow their own food and some make a point of practicing permaculture as an ideology not simply as a gardening technique.

I met these people at the library during a gala affair to launch a new book reader club. The library being one of the few places with internet access.

Many of the Tourist Information booths are solar powered because in summer at high latitudes they do get enough sunlight.

They close in winter so it doesn’t matter that there is hardly enough sun to charge a cell phone never mind providing lights for a cabin.

To those looking to establish an off grid community, may I suggest looking at an existing small community where real estate prices have taken a nose dive due to the down turn in the economy. You may find a rent to own property to your liking. There will be an existing infrastructure to ease the transition while you get set up and establish your own food garden. You can use the power from the utility until you get your own system going then gradually shift the load from the utility to your own power generation. When you are ready pull the disconnect switch.