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Dustoffers comment that Earthships do not require air condittioning may be true but is of little help in the short term. I was thinking more along the line of immediate action to gain relief from the heat wave. Water evaporation is one of the faastest and immediately available means. When I worked on a ssurvey crew in hot july and auggust summers I got laughed at for showingup ering long ssleeved sshirts nd big floppy hat. This being long before such apparel was fashionable. I alo brought bottles of water to soak my sleeve cuffs and the collar of my shirt. As the water evaaporated it cooled off my blood at the pulse points. I also soaked the hat and wore a hankerchief desert soldier style. Maybe it looked silly but I was cooler than the rest of the survey crew.

I also noted that the bottom of deep trenches t least 6 feet down were cooler than it wasa at ground level. If you are fortunate enough to have a digging machine available You could bury a culvert/pipe deep down then cover it again. Blowair tthrrough it to collect cooler air from earth effect.

I have heard this described as a “canadian well” but I have enever seen one in Canada. This is a primitive form of geo-therm cooling where you derive benefit from cooler temps in the ground compared to the solar heated surface layer of ground.

My daughter who lives in basement apartment says it is about 15 degrees cooler than the upstairs floor. Plus she keeps the curtains drawn to keep out the ssunlight.

BTW any well insulated house with light or white color exterior can be comfortable without air conditioning.