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Building a super insulated house that uses ground temperature for summer cooling/winter warming takes time, planning, and work. Whether with rammed earth tires, trench and pipe to straw bale construction. or whatever.

Bales are usually 16 high 18 wide and 41 long(R43). Some can be 14 high 18 wide and 36 long, or the large square bale 24x24x48(R50). Their strength depends on compaction and baling wire (vs. twine).

Short term: White wire mesh pith helmets and loose fitting long sleeves and pants help. There is even a solar powered fan hat. I used to use wool socks in AZ summers to keep my feet cooler. A spray bottle with water for misting yourself helps. Keeping hydrated and balanced electrolytes is a must, too. A breeze helps and so does shade, artificial or natural. Air conditioning is nice if you have the power, and I left AZ when my swamp cooler quit working because the ambient humidity had gone up too high from golf courses and artificial lakes. That was 1990, and it is much worse now.