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I have a friend who soaks in a bathtub filled with fresh well water a few times through the heat of the day in his back yard.

When I get my off-grid dwelling some day I intend to include two rooms, one above ground and highly insulated, the other below ground, or at least bermed. One solution for a below ground which is more feasable is the tornado shelters. Dehumidification for anything underground is nice but not absolutely nessesary if keeping cool in hot summer is the greatest goal.

Basically for anything underground we are talking about a “tank” that instead of keeping water in, it keeps it out. This can be achieved in several ways. But if not completely keeping water out then you must deal with the water. You would deal with it by having it run off somehow, or by pumping it out, and of course by dehumidification.

Anything that is not passive and/or manual of course means your solution is now competing less with above ground insulation and a/c solutions.