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Home Forums General Discussion just bought 8 acres want to build underground house Re: just bought 8 acres want to build underground house


From what I’ve studied, fully underground housing is more

expensive because of extra engineering requirements and

excavation expenses and possibly materials. According to one

study I read, if you have 6″ of concrete on top of house,

plus 8″ of styrofoam a few inches of small gravel and 6″ of soil, this is equivalent to 20′ of earth.

at in my recommended books section I list

some underground house books that I have read.

at my blog I have an article on

green building and one on earthen construction. Both of those

should be interesting for you to read.

I am more in favor of above grade house, with berms on 3 sides

and earthen roof with heavy insulation and 6 to 8″ of earth and


Rob Roy has a some good books along these lines.