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hello again, sometimes it all seems a big challenge, but if the president had a good plan… and the interesting thing is that those who do not like capitalism often run to another ideology and say it has to be this way or that entirely, such as socialist or whatever… but why can’t it be either or, neither nor, or both)(and almost everything inbetween)? depending on… why don’t the people who want to get together and live a socialist life get together then and get on living it…. and the same for other ideologies. Or actually I think there will be all sorts of various hybrid ideologies across the world in the future as a natural adaptation.(in reality though, serious questions would have to be answered in regards to how these different types of social organizations could get along without intruding or invading upon one another).. How many eons do republicans and democrats have to fight back and forth before they realize that they have finally become obsolete because of the rising power of the bright, intelligent and well reasoned Centrist Majority that changed everything over by way of its own independent non-governmental actions…. and then the rest will follow probably not even knowing they are. thx for the posting, have a great day (vinceremo!'”We Shall Win!”:)