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sure its possible! Just write me a blank check and I can show you how.

SERIOUSLY Yes it is possible but at the moment it could be somewhat expensive. In your post I see no hint about energy conservation or lifestyle changes. Nor is there any mention of just how much energy you are using at the moment. Basically you are talking grid-tie and if Fenlon Falls refers to Ontario province you are in luck because Ontario Hydro is at present offering attractive feed-In tariffs. To do what you are proposing with solar is going to cost in the neighborhood of $50,000 although if you are willing to consider a hybrid solution other than sttraight solar it could be cheaper. What will determine how easily you accomplish this depends a great deal on how much you are willing to change your existing lifestyle to accomodate this or how deep your pocket is.

Elsewhere on this forum there has been a post about a different kind of Nickel Iron battery. At face value this looks expensive but when you do the number crunching it isn’t quite as expensive as a first glance suggest.

since you use Fenelon Falls as a user name are you near falling water and can you make use of some micro-hydro power generation part or full time?