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In an off grid situation I am not so sure about bringing along a lot of stuff that was totally dependent on fuel from the ‘grid’ or outside suppliers. Generators of a size able to power big saws compressors and winches will empy your typical 5 Gallon jerry can in about a day. Unless you have a big truck like the contractors use with a 100 or 200 gallon tank in the back; you are going to be shuttling back and forth with jerry cans on a regular basis. Or else you have scheduled deliveries by a tanker truck at $500 – %1000 a pop. Ouch!!

You can do a lot with hand powered ratchet come-alongs, hydraulic pumped by hand power pacs. It may be slower but does not requre anything but modest muscle power. I have a 4 ton Hydraulic power pack with a variety of cylinders. One addition I want is a tensioner used for pulling together instead of pushing apart. Its great to use for tensioning fencing or pulling a log into place that final few inches. Also great for straightening out vehicle frames after you stuffed into a deep ravine.<smile>

I am not opposed to fuel burning engines as such but I would want to limit the fuel burn to less than one trip load per month. That is, assuming I could afford it.

With hand operated tools I can build other stuff to harness a horse or mule for example. This would greatly magnify my own muscle power while still keeping me free of the very thing I went off grid to avoid.