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The tools I have, so far, are to repair everything I have including my vehicles up to a point. I am purchasing housebuilding tools, but not for a primitive house.

I purchased structural lumber from surplus building a different structure at a ranch auction. It is like a garage sale, only the materials are more substantial.

I plan on post-and-beam construction method, using the structural lumber I purchased at the auction because that method uses the least amount of lumber. Other than what I already have, I will continue to purchase surplus materials.

I do plan on building windows in place.

I still need an augur for the post and pier foundation.

I need a small well-drilling outfit for the well. Otherwise it is a walk to the largest spring.

I plan a grey water system, as well as a pressurized water system in a small house no larger than 24 x 32 ‘ and very likely smaller.

I have a propane furnace that makes amps of electrical power: the Midnight Sun.

I do have a small generator to recharge battery-powered tools and operate an air compressor, if necessary, for a nailer. I am not sure I want to have air tools.

I have car tools, building tools (except a large hand drill and perhaps a battery powered reversable drill), plumbing tools, electrical tools I have used to install my solar power system and my portable General Class amateur radio station.

I have satellite dishes for satellite internet.