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Home Forums General Discussion I want to live off grid…But have a serious concern Re: I want to live off grid…But have a serious concern


It certainly is possible to go into the mountains and setup shop buy im guessing eventually someone will notice and you will be moved on.

imagine if in two years after getting a cabin ect up and you have to leave and you cannot take anything with you. Land can be aquired for around 1,000 an acre in cheaper locations ie Nevada or more expensive in a more desirable location ie california. My suggestion is for the three of you to rent a small place together and start saving as much as possible and sell most of the possessions you do not need. Then start planning your move.

Look for land. Then water source.

look at what you want to build to survive : tent, yurt, cabin, earthbag house, house ect,

then look at what you want with that: smoke house, root celler, chicken coop ect

then look at food you want.

then what animals and learn how to grow/keep them.

then look at ameneties such as heating, electricity, internet, tv and whatever luxuries you want. then figure how much this will all cost and work to making it happen.