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We live in oklahoma. Our house is 800 square feet. We insulated it well when we built it. Passive solar -porch roof shades the windows, no windows to catch the sun on the east side in the a.m., etc. Our solar system will run a box fan nicely and that’s usually enough at night in the window blowing across the bed. Our solar system will not support air conditioning of course. We have a small propane generator that will run two small window unit a.c.’s at a cost of about $10.00 per day. Summer is about the only time we run a generator and if we have to do so for 10 – 12 weeks in the summer we do so, figuring that we still save overall on electricity when averaged throughout the year. We purchase propane once a year when the demand is low and the price cheaper. Several households in our area buy at the same time and we negotiate a price with the company.