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— We got Mobile Brodband here in the states when we went off-grid, and I absolutely love it! —

I get the feeling something is being lost here.

A pertinent question would have to be… What is ‘off-grid’?

To which you’d have to add… Is wireless broadband ‘off-grid’?

If ‘off-grid’ is a ‘spiritual’ refresher, or a vacation, sure.

If it’s a way of life, or something more political, maybe there are contradictions as far as mobile broadband is concerned.

Obviously most of us can’t pretend to be able to ditch all our modern comforts,

but I fear getting mobile broadband, while claiming the kudos that come with being ‘off grid’ is a little disingenuous.

That said, there’s little to be gained by being too purist, by witholding ‘off-gridded-ness’ from those people who are trying to be off-grid but who don’t, understandably, completely ‘disconnect’… Offgriddedness is obviously a process…

But surely there’s a fine line, and those of us aiming to go off-grid need to check ourselves… Are we merely ‘hiding’ our grid links from ourselves and others in order to kid ourselves and others into thinking we’re becoming more independent? As always, and even more so here, it seems important to trace the causal connections of our lives, not just those we can see, but those associated with our reliances, however ‘off-grid’ they might appear to be.