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Great cabin you have Lamar. One thing that caught my eye in your write up is this: “The system will fully recharge in about 5 hours of good sun and this runs my 2 tvs, stereo, lights, water pump, game system, laptop and gadgets”

According to official tables of sunlight hours for our location they say we only get on average 3.5 hours of insolation per day assuming it aint cloudy. But many times it is cloudy and during the winter we often go a week with out direct sunlight. Wintertime the sun only get about 30 degrees above the horizon.

To be honest if I could afford enough solar panels to collect all I need in 3.5 hours or less I wouldn’t be living here.

Your government would not allow foreigners like me to move down to where you’re at. So we need to find a different solution. In cooler climates like here, Stacked sand bag or strawbale construction makes more sense because of the better insulation and lower cost of material compared to stick built construction such as you used in your place..