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Reboot wrote: I see people (too often) who move up here and invest several thousand dollars on solar collectors just to find their investment is largely wasted. They usually don’t admit it but we know how often we here their gasoline generator fired up.


While speaking to a battery dealer in Dawson in the Yukon I learned that solar and gasoline generators were the preferred off grid power sources. Nobody used wind. I asked why and he said. Have you looked at our geography? Oooh yeah.Right! The rivers carved deep canyons into the land and people put their houses down in the canyon close to the water. Makes sense. but these same canyons block the natural prevailing winds. This leaves most homesteads windless except for when hurricane force winds get funneled by the canyons. This too much for the wind turbines.

Now I find myself living in the same situation. High hill to the east block the sun for the first three hours of daylight and thee hills block almost all winds. Meanwhile the only water course is designated fish habitat and the wildlife protection officers will not permit any isort of hydro-electric installations. Even those that do not block fish movement because current regulations for bid ANY sort of development. I cringe whenever I see all those kilowatt hours go rushing by untapped.

Even when using gasoline generators ther is a smart way and a dumb way to use them. But most people are not interested in saving money on fuel it seems. At least that is the conclusion I have reached when I see then ignoring good advice. I do have one client in Turkey who is listening. Ae will see how well it works.