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I kind of dissagree to an extend, while more land certainly makes it a lot easier to become fully self suffisient, clever use of space and an outside of the box approach lends itself to accomplishing a lot more on much smaller acreage.

There is a guy in our prepper group that has a sizable home on less than 1/4 acre of land, most of which is covered by an in ground swimming pool in the back yard. He built a massive green house over the entire thing, converted his pool to a tilapia pond, and set up floating aquaponics systems with walk boards over the entire thing, and went verticle with floating boxes above e. he now produces more food and fish then his family can consume in a years time. Along the privacy fence there is a chicken run, with a coop in one corner and rabbit hutches in another corner, and he has over 1000 gallons of water collection storage buried on one side of his home piped in from his new roof.

He sells enough of his produce in the farmers market to pay his property taxes and has even managed to save enough to start making the system completely self sustaining by making the power requirements run on solar, and building solar heating units into it.

He can produce year round with his system. He also says the best thing about the setup is that if the power goes out, no big deal, if he gets laid off, no big deal, if STHF, he can hole up at home and feed himself and his family with little to no issues is anything outside of the worst case scenario.

All on less than 1/4 acre of land. Hunting and such he does on public lands not too far from his neighborhood.

I’m going the farm route myself since I already own 34 acres of land and a farm house. April 27 2011 in Alabama has set us back on our goal more than a year in our progress…..