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Home Forums General Discussion How go off grid legally in the USA? Re: How go off grid legally in the USA?


Laws? We don’t need no stinking laws!!!

OK you need to be realistic when you go off-grid. There are very few counties where you can build whatever you want without building codes so you need to check the county codes before buying land and building unless you want legal issues.

BUT there are still many rural counties that have few or no building codes and some only require an approved septic and water system. You can get around those codes with an approved composting toilet and even rain water harvesting in some places.

The best thing to do is to find land in small rural counties that already have off-grid homes like yours and a county gov that will work with you.

OR you can build and take your chances. I have had several legal battles with my county and won them all because my place is grandfathered in but that is not the case for most people.

It may also be better to buy an existing home fixer upper bare bones that has already been approved for residential use and then convert that to off-grid living.

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