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Home Forums General Discussion How go off grid legally in the USA? Re: How go off grid legally in the USA?


I live in florida and could not imagine going off grid here due to the constant hurricanes and flooding – especially if your looking to be located near the coasts. plus you say you like it hot but florida is unbelievably hot and humid in the summer making it nearly impossible to enjoy being outdoors . other than those things i really wouldnt worry too much about code as long as your away from city limits and away from neighbors who would care to report you. pretty much anything goes in rural florida , people live in condemed buildings and mobiles theres “tent cities” everywhere- I live in hernando county and it gets pretty cold here in the winter nights sometimes dropping to 22. If you go to the keys you will find hot weather year round but again with hurricanes – big problems and mandatory evacuations (in the keys) .. also if you plan on getting land here you might want to consider the fact that a good percentage of this population down here are racist pigs.. new school kkk is unfortunately very much alive here in florida , which is one of many reasons why we a packing up and heading away from here… so if you havent changed your mind about FL lol , then i would suggest river land (suwannee ,withalacochee , weeki wachee and crystal river- might be expensive but its truly paradise very heavily forest with sprakling clean manatee and otter filled fresh water rivers.. Good luck in your search , me and my hubby are in the process of scouting out land in CA to go semi-off grid on acreage with a 30ft + travel trailer. We are also considering getting a realtor since there is sooo much footwork with finding the right land- is it accessible , does it have water for tapping into , is there legalities tied up with the property and all about codes and zoning- which is hard for us- we have chickens and a pet pig and we plan to do a 215 homestead for ourselves as well.

good site i have been using for cross checking properties and their code/ordinances – they have a search by state , city or township