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Home Forums General Discussion How do you find land for your off the grid house? Re: How do you find land for your off the grid house?


Man if you find any land that cheap anywhere I’d be very surprised. In most rural areas I’d have a hard time finding an acre or less for anyone close to $1000. In Arkansas I was looking at a lot that was 15 miles from a decent sized town, it was on a state highway, so not extremely remote $2500 for about 1 acre. Another lot far more remote, 3.5 miles from state highway, with a few storage buildings and an old mobile home and water well, $5000.

Also there are other cost, like title work, surveying, closing cost, application fees if you want a loan. If you are buying it with cash you better get the title work done, as there may be a lien on the land. You also want a copy of a recent survey from the tax assessors office.