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Wow, thank you for the detailed response. Your house sounds nice. Would love to see some pictures if you have any posted somewhere.

And a HUGE congratulations on paying it off!! That has to feel amazing.

The humidity issue w/large indoor garden is especially helpful as we were planning to make it as big as possible. (Wife has a serious green thumb) Can you tell me how many sq ft of garden you have, as well as sq ft inside the house? …so I can figure out what ratio will mean too much humidity. I was hoping to (eventually) mimic the double greenhouse idea they have on the Phoenix for maximum food production.

Also great to know about the windows. I’ve read that’s one of the larger investments, and have decided to go all out on the roof and windows.

The wife and I are a very skilled in cutting costs and DIY, so we’ll definitely take your advice on the sweat equity. Plus we won’t have much to work with when the time comes, after wall street shrunk my 401k and walked away with bonuses. But I won’t go there :)

Thanks again, and sorry it’s taken me so long to notice your reply. Hope you see this.