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Home Forums General Discussion Help me plan to live completely off the grid? Re: Help me plan to live completely off the grid?


lots and lots of variables

part of going off grid is learning what things YOU can do without

so what it costs is realy going to be up to you.

as far as a flushing toilet you could always use a septic system as a

watering sytem for a fuel forest/firewood or even as a methane diester first.

but water is going to be a big thing unless you are close to a easy natural

water source many places need deep well systems and these are expensive to set up and expensive to run.The earthship concept is a good one of large amounts

of rain area catchment and grey water recycleing.

trash yes this is a problem best idea is like you said to cut down on your

can usage by using recycleable canning jars chickens and worms etc can easily

recycle your food scraps. also food on the “hoof” and in the garden can be good best if you can consume as things become ready to eat putting aside ony

what is over and above your imediate needs and what is needed during winter.

if you can extend your harvest period in one form or another you will cut down on canning work and wast. a greenhouse, weekly plantings of the same crop

so that you have what you need each week during the growing season.

free range small animals like rabbits,chickens,fish that make for a good meal

or 2 so dont require canning (i read that you dont want to deal with live critters but just saying.)

maybee fishing and fish raising is a good protein source for you but you

will need plenty of water for that in one form or another so this may have a bearing on where you go.

yep a gun is a good thing getting eaten by a mountain lion would totally ruin my day lol Im not as worried about the 2 legged critters dont hardly see them

but its alway a possibility and often being known to own and carry a gun

is enough to avoid a lot of trouble in the first place.

all depends where you go what is the best thing to power your home

this area of nevada is great both for solar and wind but id have to say wind power is exceptional.

just my rough thoughts on your power needs you want 1 or 2 computers

with internet 24/7, a washing machine, a small fridge freezer probably

need a well and well pump for the flushing toilet etc.

depending on how you want to ration all these things probably 5 to 10 thousand

in alternate energy gear in a good area and you will still need a backup generator at times.

somebody else here can probably give you a better idea

some things can be improvised like wind and hydro power but they would need to be on a fairly large scale (and a suitable location)to get anywhere near your power needs